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Red Rose

How it works:

I am located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and will need your flowers or cremains to get started! I am available to meet locally or you may ship your items to me if you are unable to travel. Please, DO NOT place an order via website without contacting me first. To avoid delay please call or text me directly at 573.587.1908 to get started after reading through the following:

  • Flowers must be dry for me to work with! If you are local and able to bring the flowers to me, I will able to dry them for you, or you are welcome to dry them yourself. If you will be shipping flowers to me, you will have to completely dry the flowers yourself prior to shipping so they will not mold in transit. *** I personally prefer to dry flowers in a food dehydrator on the lowest temperature setting but you are welcome to dry as you like.​​​​

  • When dropping flowers off to me: I MUST be given and order at that time OR a $50 deposit for drying flowers must be made. The $50 deposit will be then credited back to your order. You have 90 days to place an order before flowers are considered abandoned and then potentially discarded without refund. *** This prevents me from spending time on drying and having to store flowers that end up being abandoned.

  • Upon receiving flowers or cremains, I will inform you of the approximate time it will take me to complete your order. Time depends on the size of the order, if I need to special order materials, and time of year. I am very busy from September - December.

  • Payment is due upon completion. In the case of orders that have a high cost amount, the cost of the item will need to placed as down payment. ***For example: if a ring blank is $25 and I will be charging $50 for the completed ring, I will need the $25 down to order the ring blank. Its will vary from order to order.

  • You have 21 days from the time I notify you of completed items to pay and pick up your items. If you fail to pay for your items in a timely manner I will refuse future service or you will be required to pay past items plus prepay for all future items. After 90 Days of non-payment your items will be considered abandoned.

  • I DO NOT offer exchanges or returns, you get what you order. I do my best to custom create and explain my process so you know what you will be receiving before it is made. 

Things to remember:

1. Most flowers darken as they dry. For example: Red Roses will turn dark red/burgundy and may appear black.

2. Some flowers do not dry well and will turn brown. This is nature and there is nothing I can do about it.

3. The color of the dried flower or cremains will determine the color of the item that is being made.

4. All items are custom made and can not be exchanged or refunded.

5. I am Human, I am not a machine, all my items are handmade, and I am not perfect. I am also a parent, therefore there may be times I am unable to get into my studio. This is a one person operation and I may ask for patients from time to time.

6. I am not Walmart. This is my art that I am willing but not obligated to share with you. If you decide to be rude or hateful I can and will refuse service. 

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