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Every Quilt Scrap has a Story

I received the most amazing gift from my grandma when we went to visit for thanksgiving (2016).

When I was a little girl I was always fascinated by her sewing machine. My cousins and I would always make clothes for the old Barbie dolls she had, and I absolutely LOVED it!

When I was 10 years old I went for a visit one weekend and of course I was excited to be able to play on her sewing machine. We (I) quickly decided that I was going to make a quilt! So we went up to walmart in Sikeston to buy the fabric. I was so excited and overwhelmed by on the choices, I remember I wanted some of everything! With the guidance of my grandma we decided on 4 different patterned fabrics, 2 blue and 2 pink.

When we got home with them I remember watching her iron and cut out all my blocks with a rotary cutter, I thought it was so cool that you could cut fabric with a pizza cutter!

I started sewing, and I sewed, and I sewed, I sewed ALL day! I sewed the entire top to my very first quilt! When I was finished, my grandma and grandpa put the batting and the back together for me. Then they ran a few stitches through it hold it together. I was so excited and so proud of what we made, I just couldn't wait to show it off.

It wasn't a very big quilt, but it was still my first. I remember my grandma telling me that I should put it up and hang onto it because it would make a great baby blanket if I had a baby. That is exactly what I did!

That little quilt sat in the top of a closet for 10 years until my first daughter Kayla was 9 months old. I had forgotten that little quilt was there, I was so excited all over again when I was able to wrap my sweet little baby girl up in it.

For 6 years that quilt was my daughter's blanky. Every were she went, the quilt went with her. Over that time it became worn and tattered. I finally convinced her we should put that little pink and blue quilt up back to the top of the closet, and there it has stayed for the last 4 years.

Yesterday, the family got together at my grandparents for thanksgiving. Soon after my little family arrived, my grandpa came to me and told me they had something for me. So I followed him into the house and he gave me a huge bag of all my grandmother's quilt scraps! They were cleaning out drawers and she had decided that's she's not up quilting anymore and wanted me to have it. I was so excited I just had to dive into the bag to see what was all there.

To my amazement, in that huge bag of fabrics I found the very scraps to the very first quilt I had ever made. The scraps to the very quilt my oldest daughter drug around. 20 years later, those memories flooded back to me like it was yesterday.

Originally posted to SCS facebook page March 11, 2016

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