In Loving Memory

March 20th 2019, I woke up to a missed call from the night before. My gut sank when I listened to my voicemail and I quickly returned the call. It was the mother of my oldest and most dearest friend, Corinne had passed...

Corinne and I have been friends since I was 15 and she 14, around the year 2000. We met in drama class when we both went to Oakville Sr. High School and there was an instant connection. We remained friends through the years even though I was not part of her lifestyle. There were long periods where we did not speak, but I was always there when she called, and we would pick back up right where we had left off, like we never skipped a beat.

When Corinne was a teenager she started doing heroin. She fought a long hard battle with her addiction for over 15 years. In 2005 She was on intervention, and since then she has touched many people with her story as well as helping others with addictions.

I have created this page to honor her memory as well to raise money to put into a trust for her girls, Kendra and Scarlett. Please feel free to leave kind comments and messages in the blog as I will be sharing them with her family.


All the proceeds from "In Loving Memory of Corinne," items will be put into a trust fund for Corinne's two beautiful daughter's Kendra & Scarlett.

All current stock shirts were designed and screen printed by me, Jessica Sexton owner of Sew Colorful Studio, LLC. Blank shirts were donated by Rusty Golightly, owner of CG Graphics and Design, LLC. 

Flower beads will soon be available for donations. 


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